Why You Should Join The Ultra Blog Challenge?

August 30, 2014 • Ultra Blog Challenge • Views: 12341

I blog therefore I amMaybe you started your blog to share with the world something you are passionate about.

Or maybe you started your blog to make some money online.

Or maybe you started your blog to do a little of both.

Whatever reason you imagined in your mind for your blog when you started it, if no one but YOU ever sees your blog posts, you will not fulfill your purpose.

You want others to enjoy your posts.

You want to instruct, or entertain, or inform others with your inspired words in blog posts that you have labored in love to create.

THAT is where the Ultra Blog Challenge comes in.

By joining the challenge, you will be able to really increase the exposure for your blog.

It also helps you be more disciplined in posting on a regular schedule.

And you will have the support and interaction of other members to assist you on your quest in the blogosphere.

It is free and easy to join. Just sign up on this page.

Here is what just a few of long time challenge bloggers have to say about it:

Penny McDaniel“Participating in blog challenges inspires me with even more ideas and creativity. Sometimes it’s the blog itself that gets my mind thinking, and many times ideas get sparked because of a comment. Besides meeting other bloggers, I’ve made some wonderful connections for future endeavors. It’s a very positive challenge for everyone.”  Penny McDaniel  http://pennymcdaniel.com






Alexandria Gunn“So, participating in the Ultra Blog Challenge has given me the chance to connect with other bloggers and build a network. Not only does this help my blog, but it also helps me personally. Writing can be such an isolating job, so connecting with other bloggers on a more human level is great. I also get some amazing topic ideas based on comments people leave. I figure if people are asking questions in the comments then there will be plenty of others out there who want to know the answers. Even if not, my blog post will help at least one person. It’s a positive challenge, even for those who don’t quite complete it.”  Alexandria Gunn 



Alana Mautone“I started to blog in 2009. I did not truly start to blog until 2011. Why? I had not acquired the discipline to write daily. I had not learned from reading well written blog posts. I did not know there was a blogging community full of helpful people. Knowing all this helped me grow and develop. The Ultra Blog Challenge will help you reach your goals whether you are a beginner or an experienced blogger.”  Alana Mautone  http://ramblinwitham.blogspot.com/ 





Betsy SprogerBlog Challenges help newbies like me, who have an ability to write and share, but find that it doesn’t go, really, anywhere….in the blogosphere, lol! There is so much to learn about social media management, and the Ultra Blog Challenge is the best place to do it! Full of how tos, tips, and help, plus encouragement from experienced bloggers, who have been there and done that! So beneficial to new bloggers like me.”   Betsy Sproger…….My blog is called BJ’s Homeschool – Our Journey towards College, and I just help any homeschooling families, for free, it is not a business, I am just a homeschool mom….My blog is at www.betsyhomeschoolconsulting.blogspot.com




Amy BouvardTaking up the blogging challenge has been a wonderful experience and has steadily helped me expand my platform. I’m a vision-impaired blogger with a passion to inspire others, and bridge the gap between the sighted and blind or vision-impaired. This community has embraced my humorous stories and positive outreach. I have gained so many insights from reading other blogs and my interactions! Even better, the encouraging comments I receive show that I’m changing perceptions of how others view the blind community–as able-bodied, joy-filled peopled despite our challenges.This, in turn, gives me a stronger, more confident voice. .For me, the UBC has been a complete package: friendships, networking, mentoring, discipline and outreach! Don’t miss this chance to be a part of an active, caring community of bloggers!”  Amy Bovaird  http://amybovaird.com


Dorit SassonOne of the greatest benefits I can see in participating in the Ultra Blog Challenge is generating a stronger online visibility and presence which begins with myself. I am pushed to further step outside my comfort zone so I can reach my ideal peeps and readers. I can blog with confidence and peel the layers of shyness and “what-ifs.”.Looking forward to a productive blogging experience.”  Dorit Sasson www.GivingaVoicetotheVoicelessBook.com.





Elly Stornbrink“Benefits of being in and participating in the Ultra Blog Challenge (UBC) are that it (1) provides exposure to you and your blog (2) allows you to inspire – ‘kick ass’ – other bloggers to write (3) inspires ideas from other blogs/bloggers (4) can improve your writing skills and style (5) and techno skills (6) increases your pageviews and (7) your followers (8) is a way to meet, connect, and develop friendships with people around the world (9) allows for opportunities such as guest blogging (10) expands your business/career and (11) offers your blog the ability to stand out by proudly wearing (showing off) its UBC award ribbon! I have done all these except “kick ass’ – though that was allowed – I suggested at least two bloggers to write.”  Elly Stornebrink  www.xpressyouressence.blogspot.ca


Francis Stanley” I write a daily blog on news items that grab my interest and invite further thought. After doing so for the last year and a half, the habit is established and welcome. I’m sure the writing improves with practice and will benefit my novels. But, without feedback, how could I know if what I say resonates with my reader? That’s where blog challenges like the Ultra Blog Challenge help. Members comment on other member’s posts.”   Francene Stanley http://511580395457358476.weebly.com




Amy Young Miller“Writing a daily blog for the Ultra Blog Challenge increases creativity, discipline, and productivity! Plus, it’s fun! I’ve made wonderful connections with other bloggers and have learned a great deal, too, through blog challenges. Any of my little blog successes are directly due to pushing myself to participate in blog challenges.”  Amy Young Miller http://vomitingchicken.com/oh-yeah-putting-sweet-corn…/





Andrea Wisden“I love this idea! Here’s my blog url to a short post on why I love the ultra blog challenge”  Andrea Wisden Seven reasons for taking part in a blog challenge  http://holisticblogger.com/…/seven-reasons-for-taking…






Carrissa PeletierI often suffer from writer’s block and procrastination. Participating in the Ultra Blog Challenge has allowed me to meet some great bloggers and feel like I’m part of a team. Knowing we’re all in it together gives me the extra push I need to get the words out of my head and onto the page!”    Carissa Pelletier


Bethany Miller“Signing up for the Ultra Blog Challenge helped me grow my fan base, write more posts than I would have otherwise, and forced me to be creative on a daily basis. One of the hardest things, for me, is to be consistent, and work on my blog every day. The Ultra Blog Challenge provided me with the community, and encouragement to attempt to do just that.”  Bethany Miller  http://dandelionpie.com/crumpled-schedule/






And those are just a few of the thousands of reasons from thousands of bloggers all over the world who participate in the blog challenges.

You pour your time, energy, love and passion into creating your blog posts.

Join the Ultra Blog Challenge now and skyrocket your blog to reach more people with your creative words.

I’ll see you on the inside!

Kathy Hadley

P.S.  There are many more reasons to join the blog challenge and lots of great information on the inside.  You will have to join for free to find out more.  😉






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6 Responses to Why You Should Join The Ultra Blog Challenge?

  1. I don’t know if I can do the challenge in the long run though. I’m not consistent at all.
    Kathryn Dilligard recently posted…thesiteowl.comMy Profile

    • Kathy Hadley says:


      That is exactly what I thought when I did my first challenge. That is why for most it really is a challenge….at first. It was for me.

      But, somehow, you get into the swing of it. Plus, I give tips in the emails on how to make it easier to blog everyday.

      Give it a try. If you are like me and a lot of us, you find it gets easier and simpler and it really does skyrocket your reach when you to the things suggested in the membership.


      Good luck and thanks for commenting.


  2. The Imp says:

    Hi there! Followed a link, and followed a link, and ended up here! I’d love to join!
    The Imp recently posted…Bazinga The Wonder DogMy Profile

  3. Alana says:

    The Ultra Blog Challenge is gaining followers rapidly, and for good reason. Partcipants get daily posts with lots of inspiration – and good suggestions for topics if you are stuck. The Facebook group is well moderated by a very involved, experienced moderator. I am a veteran of various blog challenges and highly recommend the Ultra Blog Challenge.
    Alana recently posted…A Carousel Ride Through HistoryMy Profile

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