Top 5 Ways Bloggers Can Be More Productive – Featured Post By UBC Founding Member Dorit Sasson

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“This guest post by Ultra Blog Challenge Founding Member Dorit Sasson is EXACTLY what so many bloggers need to read.  It is all about being more productive in blogging and making it easier for yourself. ”  Kathy Hadley, Founder of the Ultra Blog Challenge.


From a marketing perspective, blogging is one of the best things you can do for your business yet, without a plan it can be one of the more time sucking activities which is why many professionals end up neglecting their blog to the point they’re just another “unknown.”

For some, a 30 minute post suddenly can stretch into a 60 minute post. And if you’re a mama of a young one like me, you know how easy it is to get distracted by a littlest shriek or cry and suddenly, you’re wondering where the time went.

Blogging should just be one piece of the marketing pie – and it shouldn’t take more than 30-45 minutes per post, but I know many bloggers who spend way more than that.

I don’t know about you, but this would make me feel so unproductive!

From an author perspective, blogging is just another task that inundates authors who are now largely expected to market their own work. Maximizing one’s blog as a largely unknown writer in “Internetland” can make the difference in a sale.

I can also see how bloggers are endlessly writing and correcting their posts, which can elongate the process. This comes from  wanting to make sure that post is perfect so they get wrapped up in a state of perfection paralysis knowing this post will soon be blasted all throughout their social media channels. While blogging is “clean” “published” copy on the screen with its squeaky clean letters, there are other kinds of writing that define you as a writer as well.

So on that note, this post is intended for those bloggers whose purpose isn’t to blog for fun, but seriously want to reach a larger audience and also monetize their blogging efforts.

So if you are one of those who want your blogs to work for you without having to work too hard for your blog, here’s are the top 5 strategies on how you two can be more productive.

1. Be purposeful. Always ask yourself…What is your purpose for blogging? Are you blogging as an outlet for creative writing or therapy? If so, your target audience might not find themselves in your words because your story might be too personal. Is your purpose to give advice to support your peeps? If you aren’t clear on your purpose, then you’ll sit in front of your computer, wondering what the heck to write and who are you supposed to be writing for. Before you know it, five-ten-fifteen minutes goes by and you’re already checking your status on Facebook.

2.  Set a timer. Aim to finish a blog post in 60 minutes. Bonus points if you can do it under 30 minutes. If you need more time, then add it. Do not get up from writing that post until it’s done. Eventually, you’ll train your brain to complete it under 60 minutes and if you know you have other marketing things to do, you’ll motivate yourself to get it done faster.

3. Close all banners and just focus on writing your post with clear intentions.Easier said than done, right? When I’m writing that post, I direct all my focus to it. I numb everything else out that isn’t important. Make sure you’re fully hydrated, rested and have a quiet free environment as possible. If I don’t have these conditions, I simply don’t write. It doesn’t matter if I’m writing a blog post or an article. If I’m too distracted, then words won’t flow. So I mediate, chant a few mantras, do a few stretches until I’m clear-headed.

4. Plan out a weekly blogging schedule. If a full week of topics is too much, then plan for a half a week, Come Wednesday, plan the rest of your topics for the remaining part of the week.

5. Organize your time effectively. Leave also time for spell checking and uploading any media.

Here’s a recommended breakdown of activities:

  • Writing the post: 30-40 minutes
  • Proofreading: 5-10 minutes
  • uploading media: up to 5 minutes
  • Cross-posting, linking: up to 5 minutes

So there you have it. The top five strategies to becoming a productive blogger. A more productive blogger = an efficient and focused one. Remember, it takes 21 days to break a habit, so I challenge you to be even more productive!


blog-1115855-mYour Blogging Assignment

Before your next blog, ask yourself the following questions:

1. What’s your purpose for blogging? Who’s your target audience?

2. Try implementing these strategies for a week. Which strategies helped? Which didn’t? What’s next?


Dorit Sasson, a New York City native, is a teacher’s teacher with over sixteen years of professional experience in teacher education and multicultural classroom settings. She is an ESL educator, writer, creative thinker, visionary and created the an online global teaching and coaching center. Teaching in Israel required Dorit to act and think like an Israeli to survive and thrive in the classroom. She now uses those experiences of working  in diverse settings as a transformational author. Dorit has offered a variety of workshops and customized in-service programs to schools, community colleges, universities and organizations to enhance the success and advancement for teachers and diverse learners. As part of her great big vision, in March 2012, she launched the website, Giving Voice to Your Story, aimed to help visionaries, teachers, creative thinkers and global leaders as well as entrepreneurs, speakers, writers and coaches claim their heartfelt truth as they know it to voice their most precious and intimate possession – their Story.

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6 Responses to Top 5 Ways Bloggers Can Be More Productive – Featured Post By UBC Founding Member Dorit Sasson

  1. Hi Dorit, just found this blog post from a Facebook Group. Although I can hire writers to write the content for me, I find it much easier if I’ll just write the content specially for the topics that requires a subject-matter expert. (Though I will still hire someone who will proofread the content before I post it)

  2. Just Donna says:

    These are important questions to ask yourself, but hard to answer.

  3. Kathy Hadley says:


    Thank you so much for guest blogging.

    You mentioned a lot of great ways to be more productive.

    I’m sure this will help a lot of bloggers.

    Kathy Hadley recently posted…Why You Should Join The Ultra Blog Challenge?My Profile

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