These rules are so that YOU get the most out of the blog challenge for YOUR blog and so does every person who participates.

You must be signed up at the official site at to post in the facebook group.

Without these rules, the group would be overrun by people who merely want to promote something and it would lose all effectiveness.

The challenge is every month of the year. You can select which months you want to participate. But whatever month you select, intend to try and post daily for that month.

* To participate in the challenge, you are to intend to post every day a new, never before posted blog post for 31 times during the months with 31 days and 30 times during the months with 30 days. This can mean you post twice one day and not at all the next, or you may choose to write in batches and schedule posts in the main group. However, it is best to spread them out and post each one separately, not all in one post. (If you post in the Optional Comment Chain, you are ONLY to post 1 post per day that matches the date of the chain.)

*Post in English. I have to be able to read it to see if it fits the rules, so only English posts are allowed.

* Each post must have text. It is a BLOG challenge, afterall, and not a video or picture challenge. If you include a video in your blog post, add enough text so that people get the message without having to watch the video. If you add pictures to your blog, write a paragraph or more about them and what the blog post is about.

* No adult blogs, please, keep it G rated, general audiences. If it wouldn’t be appropriate for a family please don’t share it here (this would include graphic images or descriptions of adult situations). We appreciate you abiding by this rule.

* No purely promotional blog posts, sales pages, give aways, requests to get votes, or anything else that is purely promotional. Post a blog post that stands alone that offers something to the reader that is informative, entertaining, helpful, instructional, etc. Then, if you have any promotion or give away, add it as a brief post script or sidebar item. Believe me, I know from experience this works best. Give people value so that they have a reason to now check into more.

*Keep it POSITIVE. If you are writing about something unpleasant, please have a positive spin on it. Give people answers, solutions, the more positive side of it. Or, better yet, just post positive things in the first place.

* After you post on your blog, share it. That is the whole point of the challenge.
First, post the direct url to the daily blog post in the group as its own status.
Then, if you want to, also post it in the Optional Comment Chain pinned to the top of the facebook group page. (if you do participate in the Optional Comment Chain, follow those rules, as well.)

Tweet the post on Twitter, post it in Google + and add it to Pinterest and use the hashtag #ultrablog on all social networks.

All of those things will get you more exposure for your blog.

* Take time to read and comment on the blog posts of others who are participating in the challenge and like and share the posts.

* To participate in the blog challenge, you must post your unique, new, daily blog post in the group as its own status. If you decide to post in the Optional Comment Chain, that is additional and is up to you, if you want to or not. It is not required. But posting in the group IS required, so always post in the group.

* Interact with other members and have fun. You will meet a lot of great people and read many great blogs.

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