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Kathy Hadley, the Founder and facilitator of the Ultra Blog Challenge is a successful, serial-entrepreneur, Business and Life Coach and Consultant, and was previously retired. 🙂

She came out of retirement in 2006, to help other entrepreneurs and business owners after joining an International Business Network.

That same year, while meeting and helping so many individuals with their businesses, she became involved with blogging and blog challenges. When one of the blog challenges was about to end, she decided to start the Ultra Blog Challenge to help all of her new blogging friends and associates continue. She received much support and encouragement from the blogging community to do this.

“But this blog challenge won’t be like others I’ve joined”, says Kathy, “It is going to offer much more that will really skyrocket the blogs of those who take advantage of all we are offering.”

The Ultra Blog Challenge has pages and groups on the main four social networks that when used as explained can really cause a huge increase in targeted traffic to member’s blogs.

Anyone can sign up for free and get a real boost to their blog exposure.

For those who want to really skyrocket their blog reach, there are additional features inside for those who Upgrade to Founding and Premium memberships.

“I hope to see the best of the best of blogging inside the challenge” says Kathy.